Austin SEO for Home Services Companies

Mentat Web Agency is the premier SEO Agency in Austin Texas comprised of a team of hand-picked SEO specialists ready to organize a fully-customized digital marketing strategy for your home services business. All of their potential clients receive a free marketing consultation and a website analysis. Using this information, they begin compiling a comprehensive list of strategies and improvements that are guaranteed to push your business profits to new heights. And with mentat there is no pressure or hard selling, just a time tested service from the #1 Texas SEO Company.


The 90’s brought a revolutionary change in the global marketing landscape forever, and since that time the landscape has been continually evolving. If you’re not holding a top position in Google’s search results then you are losing money to your competitors, plain and simple. If you can’t be found when someone searched for your product or service, then you are losing money plain and simple.

That’s where the SEO experts at Mentat come in. They can optimize your website and improve search rankings using proven marketing strategies. Mentat Agency will work with you to develop a strategy that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations. And with no contracts you have nothing to lose.

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Does your position in the search results establish you as the best, or are your competitors beating you to the top? Ranking your company’s website is just one piece of the puzzle. To truly dominate the competition YOU NEED TO rank all your related sites as well such a Yelp! pages, YouTube videos, niche listings, local business listings and more.

Let Mentat bring all your digital assets up to speed and propel them front and center using the latest and the most effective digital marketing strategies. The result is that potential customers will see your business name appear with every related search they make. This type of “branding” of the search results enforces the idea that you are the obvious leader in your market.


No matter if you are a roofer, plumber, HVAC company, gardener, arborist, home remodeler or other, your need branding and exposure to capture new business.

To the experts at Mentat, SEO is more than a job, it is a passion. As business owners ourselves, we also love watching our clients’ businesses expand and flourish. We are constantly testing and implementing new marketing strategies to keep our clients on top of the search results. We geek out on SEO and you benefit.

Internet marketing is a large industry with many sub-fields. If you try to do everything, you cannot master anything. Rather than be a jack-of-all trades, we prefer to master just a few. We provide a select few services and we do them better than anyone else.

Hands-On Approach

We don’t really consider ourselves “SEO consultants” because we do more than present data and reports. We devise and carry out actionable plans to improve your business. From optimizing your website, building links and performing outreach, our SEO services are performed in-house by experts.

Determining where best to invest your marketing budget can be a stressful decision. We offer you a chance to exploit this marketing technique at a cost you can afford so that you can recover your investment with only a few sales every month.


Does Your Brand Need More Exposure Online? If your website isn’t generating profit each month then it’s not an asset, it’s a liability. If its time to make your website one of the most profitable marketing assets you own, then its time to get Mentat!

Our SEO services drive search engine results with time-tested techniques and strategies and on various search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Mentat does its homework, creates a plan, and executes an online marketing drive that is certain to make your site more visible and make your business more profitable.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is our primary service and the marketing strategy that we feel has the best return for our clients. Organic search results are those that are not paid advertising (ppc) or local map listings and they receive the highest amount of clicks by searchers. Organic means the getting the greatest number of hits by searches, and this is our primary service.

Get In Front of Customers

Billboard, radio and TV ads are too expensive. No one looks at telephone books anymore. Today’s consumers use the internet to find businesses and if you aren’t on page one, you don’t exist. We’ll position your business ahead of your competitors and in front of customers.

To summarize, We’re proud to confess that we are among the top Search engine optimization companies in the united states. We will use state-of-the-art advertising models to put your web site on the map, so to speak. At Mentat, you’ll receive a in-depth marketing plan.