Best Restaurants in Round Rock Texas

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Round Rock, Texas is a very interesting city with warm weather and a strong education system. According to a Money magazine ranking, Round Rock is the 17th best American small city to live in. This thing is highly understandable because Round Rock has a great education and health system, low criminality rate and some great job opportunities. Round Rock also has some great restaurants and if you ever find yourself here, you should try at least a couple of them. Bellow, we will present you the best restaurants in Round Rock Texas, so you could choose the perfect one, according to your preferences.


1) Round Rock Donuts


As the name suggests it, this is the perfect place if you want to serve a great dessert. However, this restaurant serves more than donuts and you can find here from kolaches to cakes and of course, donuts. All their treats are extremely tasty and they identify by a special yellow glaze, made by a secret recipe. If you’re in Round Rock and you want to treat yourself, you can find them at 106 W Liberty St. Call at (512) 255 – 3629 for booking or more info.
best places to eat in round rock tx

2) Hoody’s Subs


This is a very old restaurant and they’ve been in the business for almost 30 years. Their menu includes some great specialties, like hot sandwiches, cheese stakes or fresh vegetables. Their staff is very friendly and will carefully listen to any of your demands. The interesting part about this restaurant is that they can prepare your food, according to your preferences. Pay them a visit at 1205 Round Rock Ave #121 or directly contact them at (512) 244 – 7166.


3) Svante’s


Svante’s is a great restaurant, with a nice and welcoming interior. It looks like the perfect combination between a family local and a luxury restaurant. They provide a wide selection of foods and they ensure a full service. You can serve your lunch, dinner and brunch there, having a very interesting list of food. All of their ingredients are organic and the beef comes straight from their ranch. They are pretty easy to find because they are located on the main street. Their exact address is 210 E Main St Ste 102. Unfortunately they are not displaying any phone number, but you will surely find it open, if you go after 11:00.


4) Fire & Ice Pizza Bar


One of the best restaurants in Round Rock Texas, is without any doubt the “Fire & Ice Pizza Bar”. The place is extremely welcoming and it serves some of the best pizzas in Round Rock. Everything here is home made and even the ingredients are taken from local vendors. They have a wide selection of toppings for the pizza and they will even let you build your own pizza, using your favorite toppings. This is not just a pizza place and if you want, you can serve some appetizers or even some desserts. You can find them at 2601 S Interstate 35 Ste B300. If you want to come with your friends, make a booking at (512) 670 – 8081.


Round Rock has some very interesting places in which you can eat. If you ever find yourself here, don’t hesitate to visit at least one of them.