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A well functioning and efficient air conditioning system is an indispensable investment for anyone living in Georgetown, TX. Hot weather, too much dust, and allergens can be very overwhelming for your conditioning and heating systems.


At Ausco Air we handle residential or commercial installations, repairs and maintenance. Our professionals are readily available in case of any emergencies. Ausco Air has 20 years experience in the heating and conditioning service industry and we offer a comprehensive list of services which cover a wide scope of HVAC solutions. With Ausoco at your side you no longer need to worry about keeping your home or workplace cooled during a hot day in Texas anymore.

Part of our service commitmment is to provide families and businesses affordable maintenance, repair and replacement of all brands and models of units. Our reputation for providing quality service and affordable prices is one we pride ourselves on. We have a team of qualified, experienced and supportive technicians who are dedicated to providing quality services.

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Professional Services


At Ausco we understand how overwhelming it can get when maintaining and repairing your A/C and heating units. We have come up with a comprehensive list of services that are tailored to meet your air conditioning and heating needs.


Ausco helps in installing media and UV filters, thermostats, R-410A systems, electronic air cleaners and humidifiers when its cold and dry. Apart from new installations, we also perform system replacements, duct-work repair and indoor air quality checks. Our professionals ensure that all these repair and maintenance services help in improving the health and efficiency of your units.


We offer eco-friendly services inform of energy star certified equipment, ozone friendly refrigeration and high efficiency systems. Services are based on home energy analysis and whole house weatherization.

Technician Expertise


We have a team of qualified and experienced technicians who are dedicated to serving you. This team is licensed and insured which guarantees professional and quality work.


Our team uses latest technology in performing system diagnosis. They are able to quickly and precisely determine the nature of your air conditioning or heating problems. We then proceed to provide a solution that is suitable to your needs.


Ausco Air has been providing quality and affordable air conditioning and heating services for Texas families for over 20 years. Trust them with all your installation, maintenance and repair needs today. With advanced technology and dedicated technicians, we;ll have your a/c system running smoothly in no time.

Excellent Customer Service


At Ausco Air we pride ourselves on great customer service which has contributed to our market growth. For instance, we waive your service charge for any repair worth $150 or more. We also provide estimates for heating and cooling system replacements, upgrades or repairs for free.


Additionally, we showcase special offers on this website throughout the year for all standard services and repairs. Our prices are very competitive when it comes to offering branded units like Trane, Lennox, Carrier and more. All qualifying customers have access to 0% financing. We are here to make the process of acquiring a new unit or making major repair hassle free.

Don't avoid needed repairs. We have financing options to meet every budget!

Georgetown A/C Maintenance Services

Just like periodic changing of oil in car is necessary, your AC also demands same level of care. With an appropriate maintenance schedule, you can have peace of mind your system would continue to work efficiency for years. No need to worry about weather extremes any more. All units and services are provided at affordable prices which allows you to save money. Installation and maintenance of A/C and heating units has never been easier.


Ausco Air's Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements offer the maintenance services necessary to ensure that your AC and Heating systems remain thoroughly efficient and in working order year-round. Have confidence in Ausco Air's ability to cater for each and every A/C, heating as well as ductwork demands you have. Our competent technicians are fully committed to making sure that your residential or commercial HVAC systems function seamlessly, be it in winter or summer.


In addition to handling cooling and heating units, we fix thermostats, R-410A systems, air cleaners (electronic), media and UV filters as well as humidifiers in the parched winter months.