"The outdoor unit at our new home had been improperly installed. It had been positioned OVER some very important plumbing and was causing all sorts of problems! Ausco Air came out and repositioned the entire unit, removing the pressure on our plumbing system! Thank you Ausco Air!"


Daniel, Hutto

"The service was great! I used you guys at my old house twice and was very satisfied, which is why I contacted you at this house!"

"Randy came out quick and did a great job! Got my wife off my back about the hot house on the weekend, got it done quick and at a great price!"

"Ausco air installed a new system for me last year. Randy installed a new unit inside and out as well as installing a new line system. This new unit uses the newest freon and is very efficient. The entire system was installed in a very professional manner and has saved me money by being much more efficient than the old unit. I would estimate that the savings both last summer as well as so far this summer are approx. $35 or $40 per month. I would definitely recommend Ausco Air to my friends and family. As a matter of fact I already have as Randy has done some work for my sister."

"Our family had Ausco Air install our new A/C and heating unit, they also replaced our old air duct system. The owner John helped us select the perfect unit without trying to oversell us something we didn’t need. The service was great and very quick! The installer Randy was very friendly and professional. THANK YOU AUSCO AIR for a job well done! I highly recommend Ausco Air to anyone who needs to replace or repair their AC!"

"Thank you Randy at Ausco Air for your great service and extensive knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems. We have been using Ausco Air for our own home as well as for our 4 rental houses for many years and have never been disappointed! The service is excellent and we have always gotten an honest evaluation by Randy. Some older systems we thought were on their last leg, Randy was able to just clean and service and get working great again. I would recommend Ausco Air to anyone."

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